December 2018–SEMA Art Show

These are pictures of Bob’s Artistry on a 1966 Ford Bronco which he painted on request as an entry into the SEMA Art Show.
Bob did all this artwork himself and it took him almost 3 months to do it.
Virgia helped a very small amount at the tail end because of the time-crunch, but not enough to be mentioned really, she says.

Bob used polyurethane (car paint) mixed professionally by a company that does car paint. The company matched it the paint to the colors Bob mixed up with his oil paints.

This was done a different manner than traditional air-brushing. Hence, using regular artist’s paint brushes rather than air-brushing. To place in the SEMA Art Show it needed to be complete and the car needed to run.
Bob’s part–the painting–was complete, but the car didn’t run. So it couldn’t be entered in the competition, but it was parked and shown-off.

To Bob, it was a challenge. He may never do it again, but he met the challenge this time.

All the scenes are Idaho. and it’s a great representation of Idaho.

There is a rainbow on the painting of Shoshone Falls on the hood, and the bridge on the tail-gate is Rainbow Bridge and it was painted by Bob representing Rainbow Art.

Very well done, Bob! Congratulations on your fine work!

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