Art & Soul Art Show–June 16 – July 11, 2020
636 Pole Line Rd E in Twin Falls, Idaho

Beginning June 16th thru July 11th–various Artists Paintings will be displayed in Twin Falls, Idaho downtown business storefront windows and the public will be invited to vote on their favorites.

Bob and Virgia are part of this Art Show.


Jerome-Artist- Robert (Bob) West©2019

Bob’s painting, “Jerome” will be displayed at Premier Auto 636 Pole Line Rd E, Twin Falls, and is sponsored by Alan & Fran Frost.


Tiger Tea–Artist Virgia West©2019

Virgia’s painting,”Tiger Tea” will be displayed at Middlekauf Honda, 1237 Blue Lake Blvd.in Twin Falls, and is sponsored by Linda Helgeland.

Everyone is invited!  If you are in or near the Twin Falls, Idaho area be sure to take time to view Bob and Virgia’s art and vote on it!


May 20, 2020

We want to let everyone know that we now have a beautiful completely remodeled art class-room that allows us to follow social distancing and sanitizing guide lines.
This is what we did during the shutdowns in order to keep our students and visitors safe. And we are happy to announce we are open for business once again!

We know that none of us wants to be responsible for the illness of anyone else, so
we ask that students check themselves at home before they leave for class. We ask that they take their own temperature before they leave home also.
If they feel ill, we ask that they please stay home.
Wearing masks and gloves is something we will leave up to each individual.

Thank you.  We hope to see our students again very soon.

Bob and Virgia West

May 2020 Update

Hello Everyone!
We hope you are all doing well and want you to know we are thinking of you.
We are both doing well.  Idaho was very lightly touched by the virus – and we thank our Heavenly Father for that – and now we are trying to get back into the swing of things again.

During the shutdown, Bob and I painted some brand new paintings. We have not finished all that we started, nor have we had them scanned for viewing on our web-site, but that will be coming as soon as possible.

Our art was in two different venues here locally but was locked up along with all businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Retail stores and Art Galleries were hit pretty hard during the pandemic but our art was still for sale on-line through our website and through Ebay at https://www.kellyscollectiblesmt.com however there were very few viewers.

Our art is still online through Kelly’s Ebay storefront at:  https://www.kellyscollectiblesmt.com and of course here on our own website https://www.rainbowart-online.com

We do invite everyone to visit each site and check out our art.

Thank you.  Bob and Virgia West

February 2020

As we enter a New Year–2020- we look back upon 2019 with much joy as we review the 8 original paintings created by Virgia and Bob in 2019.  These fine works of art are all available for purchase online through Rainbow Art’s website at https://www.rainbowart-online.com

May 2019–Update


Bob and Virgia are doing their happy dance once again!

They both had a wonderful time Thursday, May 9th at the annual art reception and sale at Zions Bank in Boise, ID. and they each sold a painting couldn’t be happier!

Bob sold “Spring at Camas Prairie, ID” and Virgia sold “Checking the Calves at Camas Prairie, ID”

It certainly has been a good year for them so far.


December 2018–SEMA Art Show

These are pictures of Bob’s Artistry on a 1966 Ford Bronco which he painted on request as an entry into the SEMA Art Show.
Bob did all this artwork himself and it took him almost 3 months to do it.
Virgia helped a very small amount at the tail end because of the time-crunch, but not enough to be mentioned really, she says.

Bob used polyurethane (car paint) mixed professionally by a company that does car paint. The company matched it the paint to the colors Bob mixed up with his oil paints.

This was done a different manner than traditional air-brushing. Hence, using regular artist’s paint brushes rather than air-brushing. To place in the SEMA Art Show it needed to be complete and the car needed to run.
Bob’s part–the painting–was complete, but the car didn’t run. So it couldn’t be entered in the competition, but it was parked and shown-off.

To Bob, it was a challenge. He may never do it again, but he met the challenge this time.

All the scenes are Idaho. and it’s a great representation of Idaho.

There is a rainbow on the painting of Shoshone Falls on the hood, and the bridge on the tail-gate is Rainbow Bridge and it was painted by Bob representing Rainbow Art.

Very well done, Bob! Congratulations on your fine work!

October 2018 Updates

Latest News from Virgia and Bob

Virgia and Bob attended the 3rd annual Hospice Visions Art Show which was held on
Friday, October 12, at the newest hotel in Twin Falls, ID—the Hilton Garden Inn.
Virgia and Bob were juried in for 13 paintings and they were sure looking forward to the show!

Also, Bob is painting on a Bronco (automobile) that will be presented at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas at the end of this month.
His paintings are beautiful, and represent Idaho. He has been taking pictures with his phone and perhaps will be able to share some soon to post on here. This show is a really big deal!   We’ll keep you posted on this one!