September 2018 Update

Bob and Virgia have had a very good year!  Bob and Virgia are always working on new paintings and have sold many new and older paintings this year!  Congratulations to them!

Virgia’s show at St. Alphonsus Hospital is over and her 21 paintings that were displayed there while she was “Artist of the Month” have made it safely home.
Bob and Virgia will be at Carl Miller Park Saturday, September 8th for Air Force Appreciation Day and are looking forward to it.
This is where they show their prints for sale.

Their last show of the season is to be in Twin Falls, Idaho for Hospice Visions. It will be in October and will be held at the newest Hotel there in Twin Falls- the Hilton Gardens Hotel.  It’s spectacular from all accounts.
They will hear on 9/5/18 as to whether they have been accepted into the show which is to be a two day event.  The main evening kick-off is by invitation only, then the next day its open to the public. This is the third annual, and sounds like its to be bigger and better than ever.

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