June 2018

Congratulations to Bob and Virgia!

Lots of Good News to share!

Bob and Virgia were invited to participate in the event of “Love & Peace – Multicultural Art Exhibition” put on by the AMERICA ARTS RESEARCH INSTITUTE [ www.caaausa.org ] also known as Chinese American Artists Association.
Bob submitted and was accepted and the Inauguration Ceremony of the Idaho Branch of America Arts Research Institute is to be next Thursday, June 7 at The Grove Hotel 245 Capitol Blvd., Boise, ID 83702. They have great hopes for this event.
Also, Bob and Virgia were participants in the Zions Bank Art Show in Boise again this year and sold three of their paintings there.
Sold were: “Mt. Heyburn, ID” (one of Bob’s newer paintings), “Lunch at Camus Prairie, ID” (one of Virgia’s newer paintings), “The Bugler” (one of Virgia’s paintings)
Plus they participated in Crazy Dayz at Stoecker Jewelers in Mountain Home, ID. and sold another one! Bob sold “Shoshone Falls, 2017”
Bob’s train painting “#119 at the Desert Oasis” will hang on the side of Stoecker Jewelers building just like Virgia’s “Prospector” painting already does. It’s been enlarged to 6′ X 8′ and is beautiful.
They also had another show on June 3, “Art & Roses” at Julie Davis Park in Boise, ID.
Plus, Virgia has to have approximately 15 paintings ready for her art show at St. Alphonsus Hospital in August.
Student count is picking up too so they are really busy busy busy!

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